2-Sided Applicator U

2-Sided Applicator U Shaped

A U shaped applicator designed to allow the application of a second coat of paint directly

upon a hardened first coat while the ends of the applicator remin on the uncoated panel surface.

Paint is applied within the channel formed by the “U” shape of the bar as the bar is draw down,

the pool of paint is contained within the channel, yielding a consistent width.

Allows two coats on a single substract.


ASTM D 823 Standard Practices for Producing Films of Uniform Thickness of Paint, Varnish,etc.

Ordering & Technical Specifications

Cat.No. Description Gap Clearance Film Width
25131 2-Sided 25 & 50 μm 80 mm
25132 2-Sided 75 & 100 μm 80 mm
25133 2-Sided 150 & 200 μm 80 mm
25134 2-Sided 300 & 400 μm 80 mm

Comes complete with


Reuseable storage case