2621 Color Reader

The most portable Color Reader ever!

Measuring the color differences manufactured in accordance with CIE standards.

And can accurately measure the color difference values among different color lumps.

Technical Specifications

Cat.No. 2621
Lighting/ photic system 45/0 (45° lighting, 0° photic)
Measuring caliber 8 mm
Measuring conditions CIE 10°observer; CIE D65 light
Measuring range L*:1~100
Measuring time 2 sec
Light source LED
Colorimetric value L*a*b, L*c*h, ΔE*ab
Color difference value Δ(L*a*b), Δ(L*C*H)
Repeatability ΔE*ab 0.2
Power source Two 1.5V alkaline batteries, Adapter
Dimensions 170x50x50 mm
Weight 0.2 kg

Comes complete with

Color Reader

Power adapter

Operating instructions

Carrying case