Adjustable Film Applicator with Stainless Steel Scraper


Adjustable Film Applicator(Magnetic attraction,Stainless steel scraper)

The Adjustable Film Applicator is an adjustable clearance film applicator.

Its extended end plates confine the coating sample during drawdown.

It adjusted gate allows gap settings from 0 to 3500 μm increments in 10 micron increments.

Consists of two end plates joined by a bridge and an adjustable blade below the bridge.

Two micrometers extend through the bridge and contact the upper edge of the blade,

allowing it to be adjusted upward or downward to control the gap and ultimately the film thickness.

The blade and end plates are constructed of aluminum.

The end plates effectively contain the sample pool during the drawdown process.


ASTM D 823 Standard Practices for Producing Films of Uniform Thickness of Paint, Varnish,etc.

Ordering & Technical Specifications

Cat.No. Description Blade Width Gap
25201 Film Applicator 50 mm 0-3500 μm
25202 Film Applicator 100 mm 0-3500 μm
25203 Film Applicator 150 mm 0-3500 μm
25204 Film Applicator 200 mm 0-3500 μm
25205 Film Applicator 300 mm 0-3500 μm

Comes complete with.

Adjustable Film Applicator

Operating instructions

Storage Box