Lab Basket Mill


Lab Basket Mill

     For paint, ink laboratory special requirements, JR develops a newest high quality Lab Basket Mill. Compared with the traditional products, main parts of milling basket, such as basket wall,milling blades and pump impeller, are made of strong abrasion resistance material—zirconia(Other suppliers use stainless steel), extend greatly the service time of mill and also reduce influence to color of sample milled in basket.
Moreover, in order to offer a convenience for customers to replace sample rapidly and clear the basket completely, we design the basket as easy to dismantle structure.Customers can inspect the grinding medium(beads)usage and replace it at any time.



◆ With squirrel-cage motor of frequency control and use frequency converter to adjust working speed

◆ Direct digits display axis revolution through display screen of frequency converter installed on the machine.

◆ No carbon brush, no produce any flame when working

◆ Lower noise, bigger torque andwider adjustable speed

◆ Another dispersing blade is installed under the basket, disperse and mill the sample at the same time.

◆ Electric lift, easy and convenient to operate

◆ Double wall milling basket and double wall container for cooling rapidly

◆ Excellent mill results, can mill sample size tobelow 10μm shortly.


Main Technical Parameters

■ Motor Power:750W

■ Working Speed:0-3,00 r.p.m(Adjustable)

■ Container Capacity:3 L

■ Milling Basket Capacity:260 ml

■ Suitable Added Amount for Mill Medium:180ml

■ Suitable Mill Medium Size(mm):1.4-1.6 mm

■ Milling Blades Size:Φ60mm

■ Dispersing Blades Size:Φ60mm

■ Overall Size:480*430*970 mm

■ Net Weight:50KG
■ Power Supply:220V 50Hz/60Hz
Ordering Information:JR  756—- Lab BasketMill