Leveling Tester

Leveling Tester

In most cases, leveling  is a desired property of paints expressed in the fact that the cured film shows a surface as plain as possible with brush marks,

spray drops or other unevennesses occur-ing as little as possible.

Simple comparison test of the leveling properties of paints in the period between application and drying one applicator to test leveling.

Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction.

Test Procedure

Draw the paint to be tested over a plane substrate (test chart), producing 5 pairs of streaks of various film thicknesses

Hold the test panel in a horizontal position, and observe which of the pairs of streaks converge

Generally, the gap depth of that pair of streaks is indicated where the intervals between the streaks are slightly visible


ASTM D 2801 Standard Test Method for leveling Characteristics of paints by drawdown method.

Ordering&Technical Specifications

Cat.No. Gap Clearance No.of Gaps
25211 100 & 200 & 300 & 500 & 1000 μm 5 pairs
25212 250 & 500 & 1000 & 2000 & 4000 μm 5 pairs

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Leveling Tester

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