Using 16-bit microcomputer processor as the core of stepping motor high subdivision drive, digital LCD with blue backlight function.

1. It can be used as a stand-alone machine, or it can be connected to a micro-printer and a computer for data collection.
2. Overcome the drawback that domestic instruments can only sample once per revolution, and realize the technology of multiple sampling per revolution.
3. The high subdivision drives the stepper motor to rotate, the speed is accurate and stable, and the change of the frequency of the AC voltage does not affect the accuracy of the viscosity measurement.
4. For thixotropic non-Newtonian liquids, the timing function of the instrument can ensure good consistent data.
5. With humanized, personalized design, 7500 kinds of shear rate stepless setting. Shear stress, shear rate, rotational speed, viscosity, time, temperature and the viscosity value of the rotor that can be measured at the current rotational speed can be displayed simultaneously.

6. The built-in RTD temperature probe monitors the sample temperature in real time with an accuracy of 0.1°C and a temperature range of 0-100°C.

7. Optional DVLoad software can download the custom measurement program to the instrument to realize full computer automatic operation, or optional DV data acquisition and program-controlled analysis software to realize data acquisition and program-controlled analysis.
8. The instrument’s full scale and linearity of each gear are all calibrated through the PC interface, and its measurement performance and functions have reached the advanced level of the same type abroad.


model DV-1+ PRO DV-2+ PRO DV-3+ PRO DV-E
Test Range 

( mPa.s 

LDV-1:1-200 0000

RDV-1: 100-13M



LDV-2:0.5-600 0000




LDV-3:1-600 0000

RDV-3: 100-40M



LDV-E:1-200 0000




Rotor Speed


0.3-100 0.1-200 0.1-250 0.3-100
Rotor number LDV comes with (1、2、3、4#, 4 pcs)(0# is option)

RDV 、 HADV 、 HBDV comes with (2、3、4、5、6、7#,6 pcs)

(0 and 1# are option)

Precision ±1.0%(full range)
Repeatability 0.5%














Remark: has touch screen model to option