JTX-II Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester for Coating Paint


Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester

According to ASTM D 2486 and ISO 11998.

Abrasion resistance is an important property for paint and coatings.

It’s also common for tile, flooring, furniture, wall coverings, shower stalls, and bath tubs.

The tester produces a repeatable, controlled condition to simulate everyday use or wear pattern.

With a flexible design to use brushes, sponges, abrasive pads, and sand paper to wear the surface.

Besides abrasion testing, washability tests can also be performed.

Stain resistance and detergent testing are additional uses for abrasion testers.


Reciprocating linear motion at 37 cycles per minute.

Constant speed control over 450mm travel.

For wet or dry abrasion testing.

Preset count-down counter with automatic shut off.

Heavy duty drive system for low maintenance and long life.

Utilizes brush, sponge, abrasive pads, and sand paper.

Technical Data

Cat.No. 2730
Scrub Rate 37cpm
Stroke Length 300mm
Digital Counter 4-digit
Dimensions 580×480×300mm
Shipping Weight 40KGS

Comes Complete With

1 Abrasion Tester

2 Abrasive Holders

2 Specific Abrasives

100 Scrub test panels



JR 1187—Abrasion Heads for ASTM D 3450(Sponge+ Weights, total weigh is 1,500g)

JR 1188—Abrasion Heads for ASTM D 4213(Sponge+3M Scotch Brite handpads + Weights, total weigh is 470±

JR 1189—Abrasion Heads for ASTM D 4828(Sponge+ Weights, total weigh is 1000±10g)

JR 1191—Abrasion Heads for DIN 53778(Hog Bristle Brush+ Weights, total weigh is 250±10g)

JR 1195—Abrasion Heads for ISO 11998(3M Scotch Brite handpads + Weights, total weigh is 135±1g)

JR 1196—Abrasion Heads for ASMT D 2486(Nylon+ Weights, total weigh is 454±10g)

JR 1197—Special Brush Carrier for Sponges Abrasion Heads

JR 1045—Abrasive pad(3M Scotch Brite® handpads)(ISO 11998;Size—90×39mm; Pack of 50 pairs)

JR 1364—Special nylon brush (ASTM D 2486;1 pair)

JR 1365/A—Hog Bristle Brush(1 pair)

JR 1510—Sponges (ASTM D 3450;12 pcs)

JR 1511—Sponges (ASTM D 4213 & ASTM 4828;12 pcs)

JR 2355—Brass Shim (165×12.7×0.25mm;pack of 10 pairs)

JR 2208—Black plastic panel( 432×165×0.25mm;pack of 100 pcs)