stainless steel Double wall containers


Double wall temperature control containers.

In the laboratory and pilot plant it is often necessary to process material at defined temperatures.

For example during dispersing, stirring and exothermic reactions it is often preferable to remove excess heat.

Other applications may require heat to be added. The high-quality double wall temperature control containers are ideally suited for these and other applications.

They are available in many sizes and models. The stainless steel containers can be cleaned very easily due to their polished surface.


Cat.No Capacity Inside Dia Height Weight Prices
500 ml 100 mm 100 mm 2.4 kg
1000 ml 100 mm 170 mm 3.6 kg
2000 ml 130 mm 190 mm 5.8 kg
3000 ml 140 mm 200 mm On request
4000 ml 160 mm 200 mm On request
5000 ml 180 mm 200 mm On request
6 L 200 mm 200 mm On request
7 L 200 mm 220 mm On request
8 L 200 mm 240 mm On request
9 L 220 mm 240 mm On request
10 L 240 mm 240 mm On request