Dual Head Abraser

Content: Dual Head Abraser

According to ASTM,ISO,TAPPI and DIN standards.

Used primarily in the testing of ceramics, plastics, textiles, metals, leather, rubber and painted, lacquered and electroplated surfaces, accelerated wear test procedures have also been written into many test specifications including ASTM, ISO, TAPPI and DIN – as well as automotive manufacturing procedures around the world.

The Abraser is an industry standard used in the wear and durability testing and is available with either a single test head or dual testing heads, which allows the user to test two different or identical materials simultaneously.Choose from a wide variety of abrading wheels and abraser accessories to simulate real-life wear conditions.


Platform speed 60 rpm

Balanced, calibrated arms and wheel mounts

Vacuum system with precision adjustment

Sealed aluminium housing with membrane control panel and digital display

Technical Data

Cat.No. 2711
Platform speed 60rpm
Loading Arms Weight 250g
Specimen Holder Size 100mm
Digital Counter 5-digit
Dimensions 440×300×240mm
Shipping Weight 30KGS

Comes complete with

1 Abrasion Tester

4 Auxiliary Weights(500,750,1000g)

4 Counter Weights(1,2,5,10,20g)

2 Specimen holder and holding down ring

20 Glass Plates

CS-10 Calibrase® Wheel set

H-18 Calibrade® Wheel set

S-11 Refacing Discs set

1 Auxiliary suction hose