JR-400D Cheap Automatic Film Applicator with Holding Device


Film Applicator with Holding Device
Comparing with JR-400D Automatic Film Applicator , this film applicator uses glass bed (without vacuum holes)as drawdown bed. It’s only available for applicating on the hard substrate(no need be sucked),such as metal or glass substrate.

◆ Adjustable variable speed:0~1.2m/min

◆ Highprecision linear guide bar and direct current motor without carbon brush. Making the draw down speed more stable.

◆ Reasonable design bracket,easily and simply operated, and can add any load

◆ High smooth precision glass drawdown bed for easier cleaning

◆ Can set the starting point freely, is suitable for different size substrates

◆  Four types application distance can be selected freely.

◆ Applicable to all JIURAN different type and size applicators and wire bars


MainTechnical Parameters:
■Draw down base:600mm×350mm
■Draw down length:450mm, width 300mm
■Draw down speed:0~1.2meter/min(adjustable variable speed)
■Total power:48W
■Electrical power source:110V & 220V;50/60Hz
■Overall dimensions:710×490×280mm(Length by width by height)
Ordering Information:
    JR-400D— Film Applicator with Holding Device