Impact Tester

Comes complete with ISO 6272-1,ASTM D 2794.

Used for testing impact resistance of coatings on metal sub- strates.

In accordance with ISO standard, the test panel is fixed on the die using a clamping device, so that the panel surface outside the test area is not affected by the rapid deformation  caused by the falling weight.

• Anodized guide tube with a scale in inches and mm

• Tolerance for ISO falling weights ± 1 g

• Maximum falling weight 2 kg

• Exchangeable falling weights and dies

• Can be easily converted for testing in accordance with ASTM

The impact tester consists of a solid base stand with a guide tube support. The guide tube has a slot that directs a cylindrical weight that  slides up and down with the use of a collar that fits into the weight.

Graduations are marked along the slot to facilitate reading where the weight is dropped.The base of the instrument includes a die support.

The weights have built-in steel balls that provide different geometrical configurations.It is important that the ball diameter fits into the die to prevent shear- ing the test samples at the inner rim of the die.

In order to limit the indentation depth of the falling weight, distance rings of different thickness can be fitted.Also, different weights can be used.

Technical Data

Guide Tube Scales 0-100cm(0-40inch)
ISO Falling Weight 1KGS,20mm dia
Additional Weight 1KGS
Dia for ISO 27mm
ASTM Falling Weight 2LBS,15.9mm dia
Additional Weight 2LBS
Dia for ASTM 16.3mm
Distance Rings 1mm,2mm,4mm,5mm
Dimension 300 x 300 x 1400 mm
Weight 20KGS


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Note: Die and falling weights together with the Impact tester

Comes complete with:

Basic plate with clamping device

Guide tube with collar

ISO and ASTM falling weights