ISO Flow Cup has a longer orifice, less tapered body and slightly different inner dimensions than the DIN 53211* flow cup and thus provides different efflux times.

The extended measurement range makes the ISO cup a useful supplement of the DIN cup.

•Recommended for international use

•Body made of anodized aluminum

•Stainless steel orifice, interior polished

•Calibrated against standard oils referenced to certified PTB

•oils to be within 3% (drain time of calibration oil)

Centistokes = K * efflux time – (C/ efflux time)

Centipose = Centistokes x Specific Gravity


Cat.No Orifice (mm) Range(cSt) Range(sec)
10203 3 7-42 30-100
10204 4 34-135 25-100
10205 5 91-326 25-100
10206 6 188-684 25-100
10208 8

Technical Data.

Cup Aluminum,100ml
Orifice made of SS,Fixed ISO 2431
Weight 368g
Width 56mm
Height 86mm

Comes Complete With.

ISO Viscosity Cup

Application Manual

Storage Box