PIG Paint Inspection Gauges For Wood

Complies with ASTM D 4138 method A.

This destructive thickness gauge uses a tungsten carbide cutting tool to measure coating thickness on plastics, wood, aluminium, steel, concrete, glass etc.

Direct measurement of the total coating thickness or individual coatings eg. a primer and top coat.
Measurements on virtually any substrate are possible; aluminium, steel, plastic, wood, concrete or glass.
Substrate condition, coating adhesion, microscopic cracking, brittleness, blistering and intercoat
adhesion can also be measured using the built-in 50 x illuminating microscope.
A tungsten carbide cutting tool is used to incise a small precise ‘V’-shaped groove through the coating and into the substrate. The V-groove is viewed through the microscope and measured using an optical scale.


•Solid aluminium body

•For coatings up to 1250 µm

•The total thickness and individual coating thicknesses can be measured

The body of the P.I.G. is cast from aluminium and contains a microscope, a lamp and the groovecutting bit. Two legs extend from the unit on the same side as the cutting bit and are used as stabilizers when making the incision. The microscope has built-in measurement scale with major graduations in 20 microns.

Technical Data.

Description Serial No Angle Range(um)
Carbide Cutter No.1 45° 20-2000
Carbide Cutter No.2 26.6° 10-1000
Carbide Cutter No.3 5.7° 2-200
Cutter(1mm) No.4 90° 0 – 60
Cutter(2mm) No.5 90° 50 – 125
Buchholz No.6 90° R.15mm

Comes complete with.

PIG.Gauge with 6 cutting tools

Battary and bulb

Black MARK pen

Screwdriver 2 piece

Additional Weights 500g

Storage box