Paint Inspection Gauge



BEVS1707 PIG is using destructive method to measure coating thickness, containing single and multiple coats, applied on all of substrates, e.g. aluminium, iron, plastic, wood, concrete, glass etc.

Using Principle:

A cut is made on the test surface with a V-shaped tool.The coating thickness can be measured with the built-in microscope underthe LED light.


ASTM D4138, DIN 50986, ISO 2808

Technical Specification:

Cutter Cut Angle Range(μm) D Factor(μm)
No.1 45° 20-1800 20
No.2 63.4° 10-900 10
No.3 84.3° 2-180 2

Measurement Principle:


Operating Steps:

Step Illustration Description
1     Prepare the inspecting area
2    Draw a line with the marker pen on the surface
3     Cut the coating vertically and make sure it is lacerated
4     Read the graduation-scale with the microscope to attain thickness

Order Information:

BEVS 1707            Paint Inspection Gauge
Including 1 pc of No.1 Cutter, battery, marker pen and carrying case

Order Information of Accessories:

BEVS 1707 PIG/1             Cutter No.1
BEVS 1707 PIG/2             Cutter No.2
BEVS 1707 PIG/3             Cutter No.3