QuaNix QNix 4200 4500 Dry Film Thickness Gauge For Fe aluminum


A handy and robust gage for easy and fast coating thickness measurements -for all paint and automobile applications.

Now available as cable Probe and with increased measuring range!

QNix® 4500 was developed for a broad spectrum of use in the automobile and painting industries. This compact gage allows for extremely accurate measurements of paint and corrosion protection thicknesses, both on steel and iron as well as on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc or copper.

Extremely precise

High measuring accuracy over the entire measuring range.

Simple operation

No calibration. One button only. One-hand operation.

Innovative technology

Proven Hall sensor and Eddy Current technology.

Broad spectrum of use

Dual probe for measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals.

Protective measuring

Polished ruby tip to protect both the probe and the surface measured.


•Gage for standard applications – easy, safe and fast measurements.

•One-hand operation. Only one button.

•No calibration.

•Automatic On/Off.

•High precision over the entire measuring range: Fe 0-5000 µm and NFe 0-3000 µm.

•Broad spectrum of use for non-destructive measurements on steel, iron and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc, copper and brass.

•Proven technology: Hall sensor and Eddy Current technology.

•Acoustic signal confirms taking of a measurement.

•Wear-proof ruby probe tip for long-term use.

Optimal LCD-Display:

•Large clear numbers for optimum readability.

•Precise display of readings, battery condition, mode of operation and serial number.

•Backlit display


For measurements on steel and iron, the identically designed QNix® 4200 is available – with integrated probe or with Cable Probe. Available measuring range: 0 – 3000 µm or 0 – 5000 µm.

Ordering Info.

Cat.No Description
DF-76001 QNIX 4200,Integrated Probe, Fe only, 120 mil
DF-76101 QNX 4200,Integrated Probe, Fe only, 200 mil
DF-76121 QNIX 4200,Cable Probe, Fe only, 120 mil
DF-76131 QNIX 4200,Cable Probe, Fe only, 200 mil
DF-76003 QNIX 4500,Integrated Probe, F/NF, 120/120 mil
DF-76103 QNIX 4500,Integrated Probe, F/NF, 200/120 mil
DF-76123 QNIX 4500,Cable Probe, F/NF, 120/120 mil
DF-76133 QNIX 4500 Cable Probe, F/NF, 200/120 mil