salt spray testing chamber for coating


Salt spray testing provides an excellent natural laboratory simulation of atmospheric corrosion.
In line with GB / T 1771, ISO 7253 Paints and varnishes – determination of resistance to neutral salt spray.
Studies have shown that cyclic corrosion test results in the formation of the structure, morphology and the relative corrosion rate similar to the outdoors.
Salt spray test is a more common method used to test the corrosion resistance of the coating.
It is considered the most effective method of assessment concerning the nature of the atmosphere and oceans are closely related materials,
Because it can be simulated by the humidity or temperature, or some acceleration caused both by a common basic conditions.
Many specialty coatings in the development of appropriate standards specify how many hours must pass the salt spray test.

Technical Parameters:

Cabinet Material

PVC Plastic
temperature range +35~+55℃
Set time 0-999h
Temperature uniformity ±2
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Salt sedimentation rate 1~2ml/80cm2. h

Ordering Information :

Order no model Studio Size Shipping Weight
2912 FQY-010 450×600×400 mm 50KGS
2913 FQY-030 600×900×500 mm 100KGS