Scrub Test Panels

Black/Plastic-Vinyl Chloride/Acetate Copolymer

Smooth Matte Surface – Plasticizer Free

Used in ASTM D 2486, ASTM D 4213, ISO 11998 Scrub Test Methods

In a typical scrub test, the coating is applied to the Scrub Test Panel at a specified film thickness,

allowed to dry, then subjected to scrubbing with a straight-line scrub tester.

ASTM D2486, a 10 mil shim is inserted under the panel to accelerate failure and reduce testing time.

Scrub resistance is the number of scrub cycles required to remove the coating to a specified endt.

Alternatively, the loss in weight is determined after a specified number of scrub cycles as a measure

of scrub resistance, with calculation of equivalent loss in film thickness.

Technical Data.

Cat.No Color Thickness Size
 27304 Black 0.25 mm/10 mil 165×432 mm