UV light aging test accelerated weathering chamber


UV aging chamber The device is suitable for coating small laboratory water exposure aging tests.
In line with GB / T 14522-2008 artificial weathering test methods for the relevant standards.
Fast, simple to simulate outdoor exposure aging characteristics, it can also be used to detect anti-yellowing coatings performance.
Suitable for exposure accelerated aging tests predict paints, coatings, plastics and other non-metallic materials by the relative durability of light water.
Also suitable for observation of the physical properties of durable material damage, such as gloss reduction, lower intensity, chalking, cracking, blistering, embrittlement and fading.
Like with other aging test, the test results can not be used to replace natural exposure of the device to determine the actual durable life of the material.


Technical Parameters:


model JR-125
Host power 1.25KW
Lamp specifications UVB lamp 3, the peak wavelength :313nm

(Customize 340nm)

Lamp Life 1600h
Set time 0-1000h
Set temperature RT-50℃
Test board specifications 150×70mm,24pieces
Dimensions 840×430×550mm
Shipping Weight 60KGS