Auto Draw Down Machine

Now get more consistent draw downs on grind gauges using the new ADM-2 Automatic Drawdown Machine for Grind Gauges

•Removes Operator Variables

•Smooth motorized scraper movement

•Rigidly held scraper provides consistent scraper angle.

•Consistent and accurate scraper force adjustable from 1.75 to 6 Kg’s (3.5 to 13 pounds).

•Allows less operator training and supervision on proper grind gage use.

•Uses existing grind gages and scrapers from your current supplier.

The speed of the ADM-2 is adjustable from 15mm to 150mm per sec and is for use with liquid and paste coatings.

The scraper is held at an 85-degree angle. This allows using each side of the scraper twice, giving in effect a scraper with four edges instead of just two, which doubles the life of each scraper compared to a 90-degree angle. However, 90-degree versions are available by special order.


The ADM-2 also makes color comparison draw downs on draw down pads using a scraper. This requires the purchase of a Draw Down Kit. The Draw Down Kit consists of a clip board to hold your draw down pads, a scraper adapter.

Technical Data

Cat.No. 2450
Speed Range 15mm/s to 150mm/s, 8 speeds
Loading Weight 1.75KG to 6KG
Draw Down Size Max. 240×100mm
Dimensions 510×110×350mm
Weight 15KGS

Comes complete with

Automatic Draw Down Machine

Draw Down scraper Kit

Loading Weights