Grind Muller

According to ASTM D 378,ASTM D 332,ISO 787-16,ISO 8780-5.

The Muller is a particularly sturdy machine, enabling optimal and perfectly reproducible grinding and dispersion to be obtained in the laboratory.

It has been designed to grind and dispersion small amounts of raw materials for paint and varnish.

The machine consists of a frame holding 2 ground-glass plates, the lower of which is motor driven.

A pre-set counter and a counter to register the total number of revolutions are included.

One counts the number of revolutions and automatically stops the motor after a user defined number of revolutions, the other shows the total after each test cycle.

An amount of raw material is spread over a limited area of the lower glass plate.

The mixture is ground in successive stages, for example 50 revolutions each, at a pressure, of XX KGS.

Between each stage, the mixture should be redistributed within the limited area.

The PM 240 Muller is suitable to prepare dispersions for testing mass colour and tinting strength and preparing small samples for use in the quality control of pigments.

The Muller consists of:

•Two conditioned ground glass plates with a diameter of 240mm

•A system to provide an adjustable force to the plates

•A driven base plate with constant speed drive

Technical Data.

Cat.No. 2803
Loading Weights 1.75KGS,1.75KGS,2.92KGS
Loading Pressure 43KGS,64KGS,100KGS
Glass Plate 240mm
Counter Range 1-9999 rounds
Mains 100-380V/50-60HZ
Dimensions 580×370×470mm
Weight 93KGS