Cheap Cupping Tester



The jiuran type coating cupping tester designed and manufactured according to the international standard ISO1520 and the national standard GB9753-88 is suitable for evaluating the coatings (single-layer or matching system coatings) of paint varnishes and related products. Under the experimental methods specified in the standard, Carry out the indentation test, after gradually deforming, the coating’s resistance to cracking or resistance to separation from the metal substrate is evaluated, and the coating is evaluated to pass or fail. The indentation depth can also be gradually increased to determine the minimum depth at which the coating just cracks or begins to detach from the substrate.

2. Technical indicators

a. Indentation diameter: 20mm

b. The maximum depth of indentation: 10mm

c. Indentation accuracy: 0.05mm

d. Digital graduation value: 0.01mm

e. Maximum indentation force: 1000N

f. Specimen of test piece: 70mm*70mm*0.3mm~1.25mm