Wet Film Thickness Wheel Gages

Wet Film Thickness Gages

The Gage has long been the standard for measuring wet film thickness in the coating industry.

Pushen Instruments offers 4 basic models in various ranges.

All models have an accuracy in 5 μm or 5% full scale,whichever is greater.

The gage consists of an eccentric inner wheel, suppoted by two larger outer concentric wheels.

At a specification point,the inner wheel touched an picks up wet film when the gage is rolled on the coated surface. The critical clearance may be readed on a rotating scale.


ASTM D 1212-2013  Test Methods for Measurement of Wet Film Thickness of Organic Coatings

ISO 2808-2007  Paints and Varnishes–Determination of Film Thickness

Ordering Information

Cat.No. Scale Range Recommended Resolution
26311 0-100 μm 10-90 5 μm
26312 0-200 μm 20-180 10 μm
26313 0-500 μm 50-450 25 μm
26314 0-1000 μm 100-900 50 μm

Comes complete with

Film Gage

Operating instructions

Storage box


A calibration certificate is available upon request.