Cross Hatch Cutter



JR 2202 Cross Hatch Cutter is designed and manufactured according to ISO2409-1992, GB/T9286-98, BS 3900 E6 and ASTM D3359 standards.

Technical Specification:

Cutting Head No. Gap(mm) Blades Cutters Edges Coating Thickness(µm)
JR 2202/1 1 6 8 0~60
JR 2202/2 1 11 8 0~60
JR 2202/3 1.5 6 8 0~60
JR 2202/4 2 6 8 61~120
JR 2202/6 3 6 8 121~250

Order Information :

Standard Kit Contain
JR 2202/1C Cross Hatch Cutter
Carry Case
Hexagonal Screwdriver
JR 2202/2C
JR  2202/3C
JR  2202/4C
JR  2202/6C
Simple Kit Contain
JR 2202/1S Cross Hatch Cutter
Paper Box
Hexagonal Screwdriver
JR 2202/2S
JR 2202/3S
JR 2202/4S
JR 2202/6S

The evaluation criteria of the coating adhesion test:

Evaluation according to scale below:

Description Performance Class(ASTM) Class(ISO)
 The edges of the cuts are completely smooth; none of the squares of the lattice is detached 5B 0
 Detachment of small flakes of the coating at the intersections of cuts. A cross-cut area not significantly greater than 5% is affected 4B 1
 The coating has flaked along the edges and/or at the intersections of the cuts. A cut area significantly greater than 5%, but not significantly greater than 15% is  affected 3B 2
 The coating has flaked along the edges of the cuts partly or wholly in large ribbons, and or it has flaked partly or wholly on different parts of the squares. A cross cut area significant greater than 35% is affected 2B 3
 The coating has flaked along the edges of the cuts in large ribbons and/or same square have detached parity or wholly. A cross-cut area significantly greater than 35%, but not significantly greater than 60%  is affected   1B 4
 Any degree of flaking that cannot even be classified 0B 5