Cross Hatch Cutter

Complies with BS 3900;E6, ASTM D 3359, BS/DIN EN ISO 2409.

This cutter is used for determining the parallel groove adhesion of one or many coating layers on a substrate, generally a metal panel. Cutter are available in 2 different blade versions, one is a multi-cut blade with 6 cutting edges, another has one cutting edge. The Cross-Cut Tester blades are made of hardened steel alloy. The blades are designed for retaining a sharp cutting edge and reduce the frequency of blade replacement.

To choose a right cutter.

ASTM D 3359


1 cutting edges

1 mm cutter for films up to 50 µm thick
2 mm cutter for films between 125 µm thick
ISO 2409


6 cutting edges

1 mm cutter 0-60 µm,hard or soft substrates
2 mm cutter 61-120 µm,hard or soft substrates
3 mm cutter 121-250 µm,hard or soft substrates


When using the 1mm spacing with 6 tooth blades, with the knife edges downward, pull the tool over the painted surface being tested; scratching the coating to the bottom. A second crosswise cut (at an angle of 45° or 90°) will produce a ruled area comprising 25 squares or diamonds. Evaluate the appearance or behavior of the coat of paint after some vigorous strokes with the stiff brush provided, or scratching with a fingernail (partial or complete flaking or peeling, no change, etc.). Also note the condition of the substrate (sand-blasted, primed or with a prime coat, degreased, pickled, etc.).


Cat.No Description Standard No.of Teeth Cutting edges
26511 1mm ASTM 11 1
26512 2mm ASTM 11 1
26521 1mm DIN/ISO 6 8
26522 1mm DIN/ISO 11 8
26523 2mm DIN/ISO 6 8
26524 2mm DIN/ISO 11 8
26525 3mm DIN/ISO 6 8

Comes complete with:

Cross-Cut Tester kit with blade


Cleaning brush

Plastic carrying case

operating instructions

one roll of adhesive tape