Coating Bar Formed Rods Without Steel Wire Unibody


Formed Rods Without Steel Wire

Traditional wire bar coaters are wire-wound rods (twine rods with steel wires), the fine wire on the surface is easily loosed or broken,  and it is also not easy to clean and neither use to make the ultra-thin coating.

To solve this problem, Jiuran develops a new product-Formed Rods. These rods are made by a precise mould, as well as implied with the cold extrusion technique to make the uneven wary curve on the its surface, which makes it has the same coating results as traditional wire bar coaters.








◆ Machined by CNC with precise mould, the deviation of groove depth and space is lower than 2um, which gets more uniform film.

◆ The service life will be longer without broken or loosen steel wires.

◆ Smooth curving surface makes it easier to clean.

◆ Realizing the ultra-thin coating, the thinnest we film can reach 4um, which makes it known as super wet film coater.


MainTechnical Parameters

Products Name Order Information Coating Width(mm) Rod Length(mm) The length of holding part(mm) Optional Wet Film Thickness(µm)
Regular Formed Rods JR 214 200 240 20/20 4-5-6-8-10-12-15-20-25-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100-120-150-180-200
Extended Formed Rods JR 215 300 400 47/47


Optional Accessories: JR 1152—holders(suitablefor JR 214)