JR-550 Brushless High Speed Laboratory Disperser Dispersion Machine for coating paint sand mill


The Dispersion product line offers the most capability for your laboratory dispersing requirements.

Products from less than 1 pint up to 2 liters can be dispersed.

The manual models have a flexible design that can be converted by accessory options to perform media milling, dispersing.

Also have a compact design to save on bench space. The motor design provides a quiet, low maintenance operation.

•Precise constant speed control for repeatable results

•Manual stand for easy up/down movement of the motor

•Simple and quiet operation

•Double wall containers to cool the product while dispersing

•Containers with Elliptical bottom for easy clean

Technical Data.

Motor Power 0.55KW
Speed Range 0-10,000rpm
Product Volume 0-2,000ml
Clamping Size 400mm
Lift Distance 280mm
Dimensions 450×420×550mm
Weight 40KGS


Cat.No 2811
Dispersion SS Impellers 50,60mm
Milling PVF Impellers 50,60mm
Double Wall SS Container 1200ml
Dispersion SS Impellers 40,80mm(optional)
Double Wall SS Container 600ml(optional)
Double Wall SS Container 2000ml(optional)

Comes complete with: